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Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Österreich (JUHÖ) was established in 1974 as a non-governmental charity organization. Legally, JUH is acknowledged as registered charitable (non profit) association ("Verein", registered in Vienna, Austria, Zentrales Vereinsregister Nr. 269856203). Historically, the foundation of JUH links back to the 11th century. The JUHÖ is active across Austria and part of the international active Order of St. John. The core competences are rescue- and ambulance service, care activities, disaster relief. A part of the care activities is fall detection as it is a service sold by the JUHÖ. This particular section of the JUHÖ is a secondary end user type with direct contact to primary end users.

The JUHÖ also provides First Aid Lectures and diverse social activities for seniors with a focus on healthy active and social ageing. The R&D Dept. of JUHÖ has as one focus, fall prevention and fall detection along with additional technological developments for healthy active ageing. The JUHÖ is the major distributor for AAL Technology on the Austrian Market. It is part of the Austrian eHealth Initiative for AAL, preclinic emergency treatment and chronic disease management. JUHÖ has 45,071 members Austria-wide. Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Österreich operates partly through subsidiary enterprises. The JUHÖ will provide contact to primary end users and secondary end users and offer expertise in topic related research, access to their training facilities and training resources in Austria, access to the international network of St. John and national and international dissemination channels. The JUHÖ is also eager to integrate the results of the project as a new service branch in its structure.

Robert Brandstetter is chief executive manager of the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Österreich; since 2007 JUHÖs federal chief executive manager; responsible for business, legal, organizational affairs at JUHÖ, experienced in project work from MORE project (3006 DE) and SILC (IST-2000-27524). He studies Law at the University of Vienna and formerly worked at the Austrian Foreign Exchange Service at the University of Vienna.
Robert Heindl is organizational manager of JUH´s training center, since 2007 general manager of JUHÖs Vienna branch, experienced in ambulance and emergency systems, service centers, knowledge experienced in project work from MORE project (3006 DE) and SILC (IST-2000-27524); trainings for quality management, responsible for quality management of JUHÖ.
Mag. Georg Aumayr is Head of the R&D Dept. of JUH, since 2007 member of the JUH as volunteer emergency medical technician, researcher and project manager at the Research Institute of the Red Cross and experienced in EC project work - project manager on SOFTCARE (AAL Joint Programme), Personal Emergency Card and PIK (national security research program KIRAS), as well as a researcher in CAST (FP7- Security), Sicher Aktiv, SimRAD, ORESP and part of eHealth Initiative for AAL.
Mag.a Belinda Schneider is Head of the Marketing and Communication Dept. of JUH. She works for JUH for a couple of years now and is responsible for the quarterly newspaper of the Johanniter and for the advertisement of new products and services. She is an expert for B2P (Business to private) communication and eventmanagement.
Friedrich Drechsler is an emergency medical technician, trainer for emergency medicine, scientific staff in the FP7 Project Quest City and the R&D Dept. and Key account Manager for the JUHÖ in the region of Vienna.
Michael Bredl is the Head of the service Dept. for Akkontel, the personal emergency system of the JUHÖ. He is more than 20 years in the business and the leading expert for businessrelations in the AAL Field of the Johanniter.