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cosinuss° GmbH is a small german enterprise with its core competence lying in the development of highly precise sensors that can monitor vital parameters in the ear. cosinuss° was founded in September 2011 with its head quarters in Munich and is now heading toward exploitation of its technology. Currently it employs five people and is also strongly connected to universities and research centers.
cosinuss° develops a new cutting edge sensor technology that enables the mobile, continuous and convenient measurement of vital signs in the ear. First prototypes were developed within the framework of the research project InPrimo that was funded from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in the program next generation media. With the competence of cosinuss° it will be possible to not only assist the elderly in everyday life but also to pay attention to their health. By enabling the continuous monitoring of heart rate, body core temperature and oxygen saturation a very close surveillance of health status will be possible.

Key Person. Dr. Johannes Kreuzer.Co-Founder and CEO of cosinuss° received his diploma and Ph.D. Degree at the Technische Universität München in electrical engineering with a focus on medical devices. Dr. Kreuzer already has over 8 years of experience with the development and production of the new sensor amongst others in the framework of another research project called InPrimo. He is thus the ideal person for contributing technical resources in this project.