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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria´s largest non-university research institute, specialist on research and development activities of technologies, techniques and tools of key infrastructure solutions of the future. Within the Business Unit Technology Experience (Department Innovation Systems), an experienced and interdisciplinary research team, headed by Prof. Dr. Manfred Tscheligi, deals with User Experience and specific factors, that influence experiences derived from interaction with innovative technology, goods and services.
Based on enhanced foundational interaction thinking, research activities aim to create dedicated experiences in key technology areas and application contexts in order to optimally align future technologies to specific user groups and different contextual situations. In addition, subjectively perceived qualities of these experiences are a major research focus to ascertain high quality experiences in order to ensure that acceptance of future technological innovation will be accomplished and enhanced. To get deep insight in usage patterns and interaction quality a User Experience Laboratory equipped with modern and leading edge technology is available for user research and demonstration activities in lab based settings as well as field trials. This further includes dealing with dedicated methods and tools to support the development of high-quality technology experiences.
The team headed by Prof. Tscheligi has longtime experience in the development and execution of national and international research and cooperation projects and is an active contributor to the international research scene.